Customer Focus

South Seas Tuna Corporation Limited continually strives to become a customer focus organization that never compromises on product safety, quality and legality. In order to achieve its business goals, SSTC will utilize a relationship-based approach and thereby retain existing high value customers, while creating a step change in business with other prospective customers who have the potential to utilize SSTC products. SSTC endeavours to provide consistently premium quality, safe and legal products that deliver real business value and aim to meet or exceed customer expectations. Regular contract review with customers enhances a partnership approach while ensuring effective communications is maintained between the two parties at all times.

Our customer focus policy is built around the following key principles:

  1. We highly value our customer's business goals, focusing all our efforts towards achieving their requirements.

  2. We uphold their privacy and security; genuine respect and confidentiality in all aspects of business collaborations.

  3. We will progressively collect, assess, and analyze customer's feedback, to ensure product performance consistently meets their needs and expectations.

  4. We will fortify mutual trust by establishing open line of communications that we may effectively listen and promptly implement sustainable improvements as needed.

This policy is accomplished through the consistent implementation of our Food Safety and Quality Management System.